Will A Clarifier Clear Up Murky Water

What Type Should You Use?

A clarifier will clear up that murky water if certain conditions are met. We all know swimming pool owners love to see their water sparkling, brilliant and shimmering like crystal clear glass. That’s for anyone with any type of pool, be it, in the ground or above ground.

First, you should know there are many types and brand names and you need to do some research regarding what they are and which one works best along with the chemicals used in your pool. Be sure to read all instructions and follow them exactly as stated.

Murky Water

What Is The Purpose Using A Pool Clarifier

A clarifier is designed to remove small particles that pass through your filter. It works by the positive molecules attracting or clumping together the negative particles making it easier for the filter to trap.

Low Chemical Levels May Produce Cloudiness

One particular reason water may cloud up is the lack of understanding of the filtration system and chemical balance. There are a number of agents working together to help maintain the clarity of your water. However, the main 3 you need to focus on are, FC– Free Chlorine, PH– Acidity/Alkalinity, and TA– Total Alkalinity. These are the most important and should really be closely watched

Check The Filter Cartridge For Efficency

Make sure it is clean and running enough hours per day (usually around 8). Your pH should be checked and correct too. The standard recommendation is between 7.2 and 7.6. It may need to be a bit higher depending on your area.

Cleaned Grids

Some Other Reasons For Cloudy Water

People using different sun screens and body lotions or tanning oils will clog the filter leaving that murky look. You may have issues with the pump compatibility for the capacity of your pool filtration system. If it isn’t the right size it will not be sufficient to carry the load, causing problems for the water circulation.

Mixing different chemicals or the amount used may cloud water and chlorine levels may be to low. It’s possible too, you may be overly adding many different types of products which in turn adds to the problem.

When Would You Use A Clarifier?

Use a clarifier to brighten up your water for an event. Does it really work? The answer is, Yes! Use it after cleaning up an algae outbreak. Will it make water sparkle again? The answer is, Yes!

Pool Clarifier
Use To Brighten Up Water

Having problems trying to figure out the proper chemical levels or type of clarifier to use…? Find a reliable professional pool person to help you, not a salesman at a pool store.

If you don’t have a trustworthy knowledgeable pool person to contact, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help and can assist you with any of your concerns.