About Our Company

Polished Pools Is located in Arleta Ca., Established In 2008

Firstly, Polished Pools provides a service of maintaining swimming pools and spas to the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles areas. Also, we pride our-self in delivering professional and reliable assistance for both commercial and residential properties.

Secondly, in today’s economy, we know that every dollar is precious for you and your family. However, what if suddenly you need to use your money on pool repairs? For instance: replacing a pump or filter. Moreover, that could end up costing you hundreds of extra dollars.

To Keep Your Pool Sparkling We Use The Latest Water Treatment Technology

In other words, to keep your pool sparkling we utilize a combination of silver, copper, and zinc to kill algae, bacteria, and viruses. Also, this allows the pool water to stay balanced since it minimizes the need for traditional chemicals.

Above all, it is completely safe for humans. By using less of the more harmful and corrosive chemicals, such as chlorine and acid, this will prolong the life of your pool’s surface and mechanical parts.

Cleaning Swimming Pools With Our Underwater Battery Powered Vacuum System

We are using an up to date underwater battery-powered vacuum system to clean your pool. The reason is… this kind of setup operates independently from your pool pump.

As a result, you get a beautiful pool without the unnecessary wear and tear on your pool’s filtration system.

Another bit of information. Whether your type of pool has plaster, fiberglass, tile, or pebble-tec, you have to service them on a regular basis. That should be a high priority on your list. Therefore, by keeping your hardware correctly maintained you will extend their capability for long term performance and efficiency.

In conclusion, our team has a deep understanding of the complexity of chemicals involved and how they affect the life of your pool’s electronics, plumbing, and surface.

Crew Member Using Underwater Battery Powered Vacuum System.
Crew person using an up to date underwater battery-powered vacuum system.

Most Importantly, You Can Trust Us!

Because we are a licensed and fully insured pool service company it allows us to always provide free inspections and estimates. Also, our certification permits us to operate as “swimming pool services technicians” for the Los Angeles County area. Health Dept. License # PRO159049.

Our goal is to leave you with a clean, clear, well-maintained swimming pool. As a result, you and your family along with your friends will be able to enjoy it all year-round.

Additionally, it is a privilege and we would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust to deliver the best swimming pool service in the industry.

Thank you for considering us for your pool service technicians.