What Type Of Pool Filter Should I Use

Swimming Pools Filters
Types of Filters, Cartridge, Sand and D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth)

Three Types Of Filters

There are different opinions on which filtration system is best. It all comes down to what your preference is. But, in reality, any brand you choose will certainly provide sufficient action to keep your pool well maintained.

Depending on your area, customarily you would use one of three types of filters, Sand, Cartridge, or D.E. (stands for Diatomaceous Earth). The choice you make may also have to do with the size of your pool or spa, rather than type.

The Importance Of A Filter

The importance of a filter is to trap all the bits of debis and contaminants that float around in your water. Just as important are the pumps and motors that keep the water circulating so the filter can do its job.

Chemicals Are Important Too

The need for different chemicals is to maintain pH balance and keep the water sanitized. Without all those components, your pool would look like a nasty dirty breeding area for disease.

Clean Pools Are Maintained Well
Residential Pool Crystal Clear By Keeping Chemicals and Filter Maintained

The Importance Of Filter And Pump Size

One bit of information you want to know when buying a filter. You should make sure to choose one that will match up with the size of your pump. Otherwise, there will be problems down the road from an imbalance in the pressure between the two.

Before Choosing A Filter Type

Before choosing a filter type, consider shopping for a larger size filter just to make sure it will be able to handle the load with ease. There’s nothing more irritating than having a filter that can’t do the job because of its capacity. Be assured, if you do decide to go with a larger size, the extra amount you invest definitely pays off in the long run.